I’m passionate about giving a voice to people who aren’t represented and my recent trips and work in Cambodia and Nepal made me realise the importance of photography and video to be able to share stories from people who aren’t usually listened to with a broader public.

Field experience as a photographer

  • Nepal
  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • The Philippines

Some of my pictures have been published by immersions.ch (here), the Center for Development and Environment from the University of Bern (here pages 6-7).

I also work with video and drones so please check out those pages on the site as well.

If you work in development I would love to have a chat with you to talk about your passion and how I could contribute.

Don’t hesitate if you have any question or requests to get in touch with me.


Reto Steffen
Route de Saint Cergue 4
1260 Nyon