What makes a good landing page?

So what makes a good landing page? Before answering that we should probably answer the question “what even is a landing page”.

A landing page is a web page to which you send visitors from marketing campaigns, be that CPC like AdWords, ads in Facebook but also newsletters etc.

People usually ask me why they shouldn’t just send people to their homepage and let the visitors find what they want as everything is “on the homepage”. And that is precisely the problem, everything is on the homepage and that’s a terrible thing. Visitors from a marketing campaign need a specific goal, you tell them something specific in your marketing campaign like “Get 10% of XXX” and then on the page you need to deliver on your promise. The homepage almost never fits that very specific goal!

A good landing page should not only use the same text as your ad or newsletter but also avoid all other distractions. A perfect landing page gives information on one thing only and allows visitors to do only one thing, meaning there should only be one call to action (CTA). This also means no navigation away from the page, not even to your homepage.

Your website and homepage are for organic traffic, aka visitors from search engines and a landing page is catered with a specific marketing campaign in mind and each marketing campaign should have its own landing page.

There are two types of landing pages: lead-generation and click-through.

  • A lead-generation page usually features a form to get some information from visitors (email being the most important) and giving the visitors a freebie (a pdf to download, a discount or something similar).
  • A click-through page is a page that warms your visitors for a specific product without selling to them directly, there rarely is a “buy” button on a click-through page but testimonials and a quick list of benefits of the product. The CTA is usually a page taking them further in the marketing funnel. This will let you analyze how well your ad and landing page work if the percentage of visitors clicking on the CTA is low there is probably a mismatch between your ad text or targeting and the landing page text.


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My pictures and text from Varanasi on the Immersions website

This spring I had the chance to visit Varanasi in India. It’s a fascinating city on the banks of the Ganges. I spent two weeks there, walking along the Ghats and watching the everyday life happening around, on and in the Ganges.

A selection of my pictures from the trip accompanied by some words was published on the website of the Swiss magazine Immersions and you can see them at https://immersions.ch/le-collectif/varanasi-gange/. The text is in French but the pictures should be universal (if I did my job right 🙂 )

I was very happy to hear that the Immersions team was interested in my pictures because their magazine is great, you should definitively check it out!

Speed – Why faster websites are better for everyone

As mentioned in my last blog post, the speed of your website is vital. Since then Google has announced that speed will also be a factor for Google Search and Ads for mobile searches, it has been a factor for desktop searches for a while. (read the announcement here) Continue reading “Speed – Why faster websites are better for everyone”

Tools to check on the health of your website

Everybody should check on the health of websites regularly, and a lot can be done with free tools. Here is the list of the tools I use for my website and the websites of my clients. Most of the tools on the list don’t require you to register before you can use them, so that’s always a big plus. Continue reading “Tools to check on the health of your website”

Gutenberg is coming to WordPress. What is it?

Project Gutenberg is the new editor that will come to WordPress in the coming months. So let’s explore what it adds and what might be giving you problems once it’s live.

What does it do?

In short, it cleans up the editor and adds blocks.

Blocks can be anything:

  • Images
  • Video files
  • Audio files
  • Embeds
  • etc

This also means that you won’t need shortcodes or plugins for a lot of features and be able to do this directly with blocks. It allows you to style your page at the same time as you write it, directly in the text editor.

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If your website still isn’t using HTTPS, it is high time to get on it

Is your website still not using a TLS/SSL certificate and is not yet available over HTTPS? Then you need to act quickly, or you will lose visitors and business.
Since the beginning of July, the Chrome browser marks all websites not available over HTTPS as “not secure”, like in the screenshot below.

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Travelling with a drone

Recently I was filming for a research project in Laos (more about that soon) and needed to take my drone to Laos. I didn’t find much information about what to watch out when travelling with a drone, especially as I was passing through countries supposedly not very drone friendly. So I wanted to write down how I flew with my Mavic Pro and how it all went. (spoilers: I didn’t have any problems). There is some controversy about some of the points below especially about discharging batteries, but I’m a believer of “better safe than sorry”. If you have travelled with your drone, let me know how it went and what your checklist is. Continue reading “Travelling with a drone”

Easy product photography with the Foldio lightbox

I don’t usually do product photography but when a family member asked if I could photograph some of her keepsakes I said yes. She was well-travelled in her time and brought back items from her various trips all over the world. As I didn’t have any lightbox, I started looking into an uncomplicated setup that wasn’t too complicated to carry around and not too expensive. Continue reading “Easy product photography with the Foldio lightbox”